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Wholesale Program

Complete a short form of information below and one of our representatives will contact you with the next steps;
Low minimum order, starting at $500;
No minimum number of units per product;
Contact us if you need drop-shipping services or white label products;
Upon account approval, you'll be given a personalized code to use at check-out;
Financing options are not available at this time. Full payments are payable via credit cards through our website or ACH transfer, cashier check, or wire transfer for high volume orders.
Once payment is made, we'll package and ship your products within 48 hours via USPS Priority (guarantee 1 - 3 business day);
Check local state and city laws on CBD legality and have appropriate business licenses and permits to carry our products;
Extreme pricing discrimination (under-cutting or over-setting) is strictly prohibited, sellers are free to set their product prices but it will have to be within our pricing guidelines.

  • Free to join
  • Drop-shipping available
  • Available at all U.S.A States
  • White Label Program available
  • Easy wholesale ordering processes
  • Low minimum order requirements
  • Products come in ready-to-use packages
  • No number of minimum units required per product
  • Exclusive wholesale pricing on all CBD products (up to 50% off)

Affiliate Program

You must be 18 years or older to participate in our Affiliate Program;
Complete a short form of information below and one of our representatives will contact you with the next steps;
Upon account approval, you'll be given a personalized affiliate link, we use this to record traffic that is sent to our website;
When you refer customers to our website using your affiliate link; if they make a purchase, you'll be paid your assigned commission rate;
Extra bonuses are rewarded to high-performance partners, based on their sale conversion rate;
We pay our affiliates every month; plus any bonuses they make during the payout period;
Detailed reports are available so affiliates can keep track of their leads and sales to our website;
60 days cookie period: that means you'll still receive commission + bonus if customers make a purchase within 60 days after they visit our site from your referral link.

  • Free to join
  • Monthly pay period
  • Available at all U.S.A States
  • Premium Broad-Spectrum CBD Products
  • Extra bonuses based on performance conversion rate
  • Affiliate payouts via bank transfer, checks or mobile apps
  • Personalized coupon code for personal use and distribution
  • Transparent sales and commission tracking reports at all time
  • High commission (15% to 25%) - depends on account approval



The affiliate area is available only for registered affiliates.

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Affiliate Requirements & Terms of Services

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