Why EZlief?

By reaching this page, we assume you already possess general knowledge about Cannabidiol (“CBD”) and its health benefits; but how you differentiate between a high-quality verse a low-quality product will determine the outcome and effectiveness of CBD on your body and mind. Here is a fun fact, Hemp – the plant that contains rich CBD molecules is one of the world’s oldest crops that has its history traced back to almost 12,000 years ago and human’s body naturally produces Endocannabinoids, which regulates various cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems - this leads to a key discovery, our bodies are designed to interact with CBD.

At EZlief, we value customer’s satisfaction and build our company’s structure with a single goal in mind: “Enhance Customer’s Life with High-Quality CBD Products”. With that said, we offer a large selection of CBD goodies for our users to select, from Oral-Based to Topical and Cosmeceuticals. Our CBD's extracted products are crafted from the highest quality Phytocannabinoid-Rich (“PCR”) Industrial Hemp Oil, and with the most reliable extraction technology in the market - the Supercritical CO2 Extraction.

When you purchase products from us, you're guaranteed to buy only from the best sourced Broad-Spectrum CBD, in which additional processes take place to further isolate and remove all traces of THC, while at the same time, preserving other cannabinoids and organic compounds contained in the hemp plant to deliver the optimum effect. It is a perfect balance between Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate, and a suitable choice for users that cannot have any hint of THC in their systems.

EZlief also values transparency so third-party lab reports are available on the web under each product page and upon request, to provide an unbiased verification that exhibits CBD’s potency level, along with other active compounds contained within a product. Our THC-Free products are guaranteed with less than 0.3% or almost a non-detectable level of THC.

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